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Lucy Montgomery

...so beautiful that she can bewitch even the most daring of pirates.

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Character Name: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Goes by: Lucy, LM-- never Maud or Lucy Maud, unless someone is angry...
Birthday: November 30
Residence: Delaney Hall
Significant Other(s): Emilio Salgari.

Major Details:
-transfer student from Cavendish, Prince Edward Island; is a sophomore.
-after her mother died when she was two, her father left her to live with her maternal grandparents.
-close with her cousins, the Campbells, and her grandfather Donald Montgomery, a senator.
-loves being outside; incredibly fond of nature and gardening. She misses the ocean.
-passionate about writing; keeps a frequent and detailed journal.
-drives an old beat-up Chevy truck.
- just spent a year in Prince Albert with her father and his new wife, attending school.
-somewhat well-off, as her grandfather pays for her education and needs.
-comfortable, warm, the sort of girl who dresses in faded jeans and button-down shirts, hair in a mussy ponytail.
-brash, friendly, and somewhat of a hypocrite at times.
-kissed Christopher Marlowe in the foyer. It was a bad idea.

Class Schedule:
1. Chemistry
2. Romantic and Victorian Poetry
3. Film Studies
4. Home Economics
5. Creative Writing
6. Physical Education

Blame negability.